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The Box is a panfandom horror RPG, with a concept extrapolated from Cabin In The Woods.

There are two towns within the dense forest of The Box, surrounded by an invisible and impenetrable barrier. Far beneath this artificial cage is an organization of people whose motives are unknown. These are the Technicians, and at their hands lie the tools to make the darkest of nightmares reality - all to kill the subjects trapped in the towns above, over and over again.

For what purpose do they do this? Why do they singlehandedly focus on the slaughter of innocents? Is there something deeper under the cruelty they dole out?

Perhaps. But the question that lies heavy on the minds of those trapped in this hell is only this:

Can you survive?

..This we offer in humility and fear. For the blessed peace of your eternal slumber. As it ever was...

Reserves Open: August 16th - 23rd ✖ Next App Round: August 23rd - 30th

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